Barbie Dream House with Elevator

Barbie Dream House with Elevator

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Barbie Dream House with Elevator is one of the modern designed dream house for kids to play.Barbie Dream House with Elevator comes with 3 story house with 7 rooms where an Atrium window converts into a swimming pool and a working elevator included there to access all three floors. There is also “Smart” electronic module with plug-in themed that activate lights, sound and motion in Barbie Dream House with Elevator. Some additional themed pieces included in the Barbie Dream House with Elevator for each room for complete play. You can buy Barbie Dream House with Elevator from here on Amazon.

Barbie Dream House with Elevator

Evolution of Barbie Dream House

Though we are seeing modern Barbie Dream House, but the root of Barbie Dream House turns us back to 1960’s. In 1962, Barbie introduced us with their first house- The Original Barbie Dream house.

Barbie Dream House

The Original Barbie Dream house was made with cardboard and paper. The main designer for Barbie Bill Greening defines it as “very mid-century in style and design, with a bid of 1960’s suburbia.”

In 1974, Barbie Dream House released its second edition- Barbie Townhouse. It is the first edition Barbie dream house which introduced the elevator with house.

Barbie Dream House 1974
Barbie Dream House 1979

In 1979, Barbie came with A-Frame Dream house with 6 rooms and working doors and windows. It was decorated with modern furniture for that time.

In the early 1980’s, Barbie moved to a townhouse. The 80’s Tastic Townhouse was available on market from 1983. It only make sense what Barbie dream house follows with what currently considered in trend.

Barbie Dream House 1983
Barbie Dream House 1984

In 1984, Barbie released Dream Cottage which is also considered as Barbie Dream Tiny House.

In 1990, Barbie came with The Magical Mansion which peak pinkification. It has featured ringing telephone, working doorbell, fireplace to light up. Also, it has the first electronic features like working lights and sounds.

Barbie Dream House 1990

In 1998, Barbie released Deluxe Dream House. This one featured stained glass, bay windows, pink arches, and even a balcony.

In 2008, Barbie came with Three Story Dream House with major features like playing music and toilet flushed.


In 2013, Barbie came with major changes and brought Dream House with Elevator. This edition makes Barbie Dream House with more play time fun and meaningful.

In 2016, Barbie released Suburban Dream House. The appeal of this Dream House is twofold: its imaginary experience and a way to unite all of the dolls in Barbie’s world.


The most recent version of Barbie Dream House is Barbie Dream House with Elevator which has several interesting features that a kid wants to play with. You can buy Barbie Dream House with Elevator from here on Amazon.

Barbie Dream House with Elevator

Feature of Barbie Dream House with Elevator

Barbie dream house with elevator came with three floors, seven rooms, 70+ accessories, an atrium window which converts into a swimming pool and a working elevator which allows a kid to move Barbie doll from one floor to another. The dimension of the dream house is 8 x 30 x 34 inches.


Garage with Atrium Window

The garage includes a door that opens and closes with sliding a tab. The Garage is the place where Barbie’s car can be parked.If anyone wants to customize the house and use the garage as an extra room then he/she can fit it in any story. The space of garage is 16 inches long and 10 inches width. To park a car you have to buy a car separately. You can buy from here on Amazon. There is an atrium window within the garage where Barbie doll which is sold separately can stare outside and enjoy the view. The atrium window has another feature which is- it converts into swimming pool where Barbie doll can have pool party with her friends.

Colorful Lights, Sounds and Motions

The interior design of Barbie Dream House with Elevator is a unique one and also kept the concept of current trend. It includes-the SMART accessories which contain colorful lights, sounds and motions in the house that considered as a new interactive tech feature. The kitchen is set on ground floor on the other side of garage. The kitchen is decorated with SMART accessories and also has the feature that activates different lights, sounds and motions which bring more fun. Flaming lights from stove, fish aquarium that has lights up and makes bubble sounds and in bathroom, it lights up, plays tooth-brushing and water sounds while the toilet, a flushing noise makes the Barbie dream house with elevator more realistic and real fun to play.


Decorated Second Floor

On the second floor, the dining room is decorated with modern table with two chairs. On the opposite side, in the bathroom there is a big sink and a luxury tub. Barbie can give her pets to have their own space to play in the adorable room in between the dining room and the bathroom.


Luxurious Third Floor

The third floor is designed in a way that a kid attracts for it. A beautiful bedroom with balcony and a pink bed in the bedroom makes the house even more beautiful. There is a walk-in closet where Barbie can check out her outfit in front of mirror and can hang up her fashions which is sold separately. On the other side, the gorgeous living room where Barbie enjoys movie or video into the “flat screen” television sitting or laying on the pink couch.

Elevator Makes More Easier

Moving the Barbie doll up and down became easy with a working elevator that easily activates with child-friendly sliding tab. With the working elevator the kid will have more fun.

Dolls, pets and car sold separately

Dolls, pets and cars are sold separately. Dolls cannot stand alone and need a support. Smartphone is not included. Colors and decorations from the image may vary. You can buy these things from here on Amazon.

The Product in a nutshell

Product Dimensions : 8 x 30 x 34 inches
Item Weight : 1 pounds
Shipping Weight : 26.6 pounds
Item model number : DHC10
Manufacturer recommended age : 36 months to 10 years
Batteries : 3 AAA batteries required

Pros & Cons of Barbie Dream House with Elevator


  • The Elevator which makes easy to move up and down.
  • Sound effect of the toilet, fishbowl, and fan makes the dream house more entertaining.
  • It is as tall as the 3 years kid. So, the kid can see the top floor by standing, second floor by sitting and ground floor by laying.
  • Barbie Dream House with Elevator has an aquarium that moves, lights up, and makes water noises like real.
  • Barbie Dream House with Elevator has lots of accessories.
  • Has a slot to insert smartphone as a Television.
  • Food and smaller accessories placed in a manner so that it doesn’t fall out of the place.
  • Storage room for Barbie’s clothes which sold separately including a rod to put hangers on.
  • Easy to assemble as detailed instruction is in the box.


  • The elevator and garage door get stuck sometimes. An adult has to help the child to put it back.
  • Barbie Dream House with Elevator needs a bit of space and it is 3 feet by 4 feet.
  • The garage doesn’t fit for older cars of Barbie.

Benefits of Playing with Dolls

One may still confuse whether to purchase the dream house or not. But it is suggested that playing with dolls and products like this a child encourage to solve problems by him own. It also helps to increase mental growth and teach about socialization. Some benefits of Playing with Barbie dolls include:

  • It helps to increase in movement of body which is beneficiary for growth of a kid.
  • As many things need to solve, a kid develops problem solving skill from here.
  • With dolls kids get more familiarize with socialization.
  • It helps to increase the strong emotions inside the kids.
  • Kids use to talk with dolls and in that way they develops of their language skills.
  • A kid usually gets self-entertain with the dolls and thus, he became self-dependent from very beginning.

Therefore, it is recommended to purchase Barbie Dream House with Elevator and helps the child to grow stronger on mentally. This product is also diverting kids to disturb others and elder remains without worry for their kids as they are busy with the BARBIE DREAM HOUSE.

The price of Barbie Dream House with Elevator is $164.00 here on Amazon. There are some other products of Barbie you may find interest like Barbie glam convertible Doll Vehicle in $19.94, 10 Pack Barbie Doll Clothes in $9.78, Barbie and Ken doll 2 pack in $27.96, Barbie Dream Camper in $94.00, Barbie Happy Birthday Doll in $14.90, Barbie Glam Pool in $18.95 and many more.

Note: Price may differ a little in Amazon.

You can buy Barbie Dream House with Elevator and Other Accessories from here on Amazon.

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